Being too comfortable could cause more problems than taking risks, says Nathan Vella

Capy: Industry uncertainty elicits more creativity

Uncertainty over the direction of the game industry can be positive for developers as it elicits increased creativity, says the president of Below developer Capybara Games.

Speaking to GameSpot, Nathan Vella said there were more opportunities than ever for developers to break into games, but at the same time the sector was also facing unprecedented uncertainty in the face of new platforms and business models.

He claimed however that such a uncertainty was good for developers, as it encouraged new ideas and stopped them becoming too comfortable and set in their ways.

"It’s this really odd dichotomy or strange mix of more opportunity than ever and more uncertainty than ever," said Vella.

"I don’t mind the uncertainty at all. In fact, I think the second that we get comfortable, the second that everybody’s like ‘OK, cool. This is how the industry is’ it’s going to cause more problems than if we don’t know what it is.

"The lack of certainty right now I think really elicits or requires people to think about things creatively and take some f**king weird risks. Make some stupid calls, and those stupid calls could end up being the most successful things out there."

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