Android support could soon be reality for Virtual Reality headset

Carmack pushing Oculus Rift mobile SDK

Oculus says its new CTO, John Carmack, is working on the Rift’s SDK and is being particularly helpful with the company’s mobile effort.

The news the company was planning to provide compatibility with mobile devices for its virtual reality headset was first teased back in June, but at GDC Europe Oculus provided a few more details that could mean Android support is just around the corner.

As reported by Engadget, Oculus VP of product Nate Mitchell told an audience at GDC Europe that Carmack was already hard at work improving the Rift SDK.

"John likes to do what he likes to do," said Michell.

"He’s got a ridiculous amount of good ideas that he’s working into the SDK. Especially around mobile, frankly."

The company has already listed Android support as a goal, but one conference attendee asked about the possibility of iOS support.

“It’s Apple’s fault!” joked Rift creator Palmer Luckey.

Mitchell explained that the problem with an iOS release as compared to Android was the relative flexibility enjoyed by peripherals on the latter platform.

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