Stainless launches crowd funding campaign to bring reboot of 1997 classic to life

Carmageddon reincarnated on kickstarter

Carmageddon is best known to the world as the game that made the Daily Mail (and the Pope) wise to the abominable ways of violent video games.

Offering the first 3d physics engine, freeform driving, and points doled out for running down bovines, the game sold over two million copies.

Now the game’s original developers have regained the right to their hit-and-run hit, and have launched a Kickstarter campaign seeking to raise $400,000 dollars.

Carmageddon: Reincarnation will bring the game’s original features to new life, adding ragdollized pedestrians and physics-based power-ups.

Stainless has already sunk a third of a million into the project, and at the time of writing, the campaign has raised over $75,000 with 29 days to go.

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