Casual Collective, the acclaimed independent game developer, is now Kixeye.

Casual Collective becomes Kixeye

Based in San Francisco, Kixeye are responsible for hit strategy games Desktop Defender and Backyard Monsters, and the recently released Battle Pirates.

This rebrand comes as the company looks to Facebook as a platform for core games. They believe it will attract hardcore gamers more and more as the quality and quantity of these games increases on the platform.

Kixeye has already seen international success with Backyard Monsters, with over one million daily active users.

“We’re profitable because we’re making games for real gamers. And as a true game studio, we’re able to compete in the social game sphere because we understand how to market these games, but at our core, we deliver a real gaming experience,” said Will Harbin, CEO of Kixeye.

“Our next game, Battle Pirates, features real-time synchronicity on the Facebook platform. It’s the first of its kind and showcases the features lacking from other similar games on Facebook. We want users to be able to play real games, even on Facebook.”

Several new games are in development at the company, with job openings available.

Kixeye’s games are all free-to-play, and monetise via virtual item and currency sales. They can be found on the company’s own platform and seven other social networks.

Kixeye was originally founded in 2007, as Casual Collective.

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