Jobs cuts not thought to have affected Eve Online development

CCP cuts 15 jobs from World of Darkness team

CCP Games has cut a number of staff from its World of Darkness team, the developer has confirmed.

Speaking to, CCP said it has eliminated 15 positions after reviewing the MMO project, which is yet to be completed.

"CCP today made strategic adjustments to the staffing on the team working on the World of Darkness project in Atlanta that resulted in the elimination of approximately 15 positions at the company," said CCP spokesman Ned Coker.

"The change was due to our evaluation of the game’s design and ongoing development needs. While this was a difficult decision, CCP remains committed to the franchise and our promise to make a compelling, rich, and deep World of Darkness experience."

The cuts are not thought to have affected Eve Online, CCP’s flagship MMO.

World of Darkness is a fantasy MMO based on the tabletop role-playing game Vampire: The Masquerade. Despite being announced in November 2006, the game is still to be released. In 2011, the company admitted that developing World of Darkness and Dust 514, as well as maintaining Eve Online, had spread its resources too thin.

Last year, CCP CMO David Reid told Develop that the company sees World of Darkness as it’s “second universe” and has plans for what it might do next.

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