New title to offer a sandbox experience 'more akin to Eve Online'

CCP re-imagines Dust 514 as Project Legion for PC

CCP has revealed a new first-person shooter from the same team working on its free-to-play console multiplayer game Dust 514.

As reported by Polygon, the new title will build on the ideas of the console shooter and expand on them. CCP exec producer Jean-Charles Gaudechon said the new game would offer more of a sandbox experience than Dust 514.

He went on to say the title could eventually come to PS4, but the Shanghai studio, which is developing the game, is focusing on PC for now.

Despite some similarities, the Dust 514 and Project Legion will not interact in any way. Given how Dust 514 takes place in the same game universe as Eve Online, it is not clear currently clear if player actions in the new title will affect Eve in any way.

"It’s still very early, it’s been a few months the team in Shanghai has worked on it, and the idea is to really deliver on that vision, very much on that same vision, but there were a few pillars that were really important. More of a sandbox experience, more true to Eve, as an example, than necessarily Dust," said Gaudechon.

He added: “The game could very well come to the PlayStation 4, but at the moment they’re focused on making the best experience possible on the PC. The game isn’t even a game, not yet. It’s more of a concept they may put into full production, a way to move onto the PC and to learn from the mistakes made in Dust 514.”

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