First person space combat being brought to life with Unity and Oculus Rift

CCP shows off virtual reality dogfighter

Icelandic gamemaker CCP wowed EVE Fanfest attendees with a space combat game for the Oculus Rift.

The virtual reality experience is being crafted in the Unity engine, and began when a small crew of employees started messing around with the company’s Rift devkits in the "20 percent" time CCP allows for side projects.

Though not officially tied to the EVE online universe, the game is being called "EVR" and uses art assets from CCPs popular sandbox MMO.

"If you ever dreamed about being inside a game of Wing Commander, this game delivers that feeling," said Penny Arcade Report‘s Ben Kuchera of his time with the dogfighting space sim.

Though EVR definitely got a positive reception and is getting an awful lot of press, CCP says it might never actually release it to the general public.

Even so, the team behind the project say they don’t plan to stop development.

"After this, no matter what happens, the guys who worked on this will continue to work on it," lead artist Andy Robinson told Digital Spy.

"Given more time I’m sure we could make this much, much better. And maybe it never comes out again, maybe we show it at Fanfest 2014 with tons more ships, I don’t know, but the guys are so passionate that we’ll definitely continue to support it."

Image credit: Penny Arcade Report

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