GDC Europe '09: Dust, EVE emergence and the 'two types of MMOs'

CCP’s GDC Europe keynote: the tweetscript

Weren’t at GDC Europe to hear CCP’s enlightening keynote speech about the development of EVE Online?

Sure, you’ll have heard about the DUST 514 annoucement, but what else did the company say it had learnt from the management of a massively single-shard MMO?

Well, Develop was on-hand to livetweet the whole talk – and we’ve collated our CCP-related tweets below for easier reading.

As we write this, the David Cage keynote is about to begin – so if you don’t want to miss out, follow @developonline now!

Note: the tweets below are presented in reverse chronological order – so start at the bottom!

And that’s it… talk over… everyone is buzzing! what an amazing demonstration. very, very excited.


40 per cent of all tech exports out of Iceland are EVE Online… trending to 50 per cent. amazing. proof what game devs can do.

Playing the trailer AGAIN… but it’s amazing so worth it

Been in development for three years at CCP’s Shanghai studio… woah.

EVE players fight in space… Dust 514 players fight on the ground… both feed together to dictate control of systems in EVE universe.

It’s a massively multiplayer game that ‘connects’ to the EVE universe. Dust will become an ‘input’ into who controls planets in EVE

Backstory to the ‘cloned’ soldiers coming in an upcoming EVE book

Takes place on the planets of EVE Online

…it’s a hybrid FPS and RTS set within the EVE universe, for consoles. It’s CCP’s MMO for consoles!

‘DUST 514’ is the name – looks very Halo. great feeling of being in a warzone

it’s in space…. a first-person shooter?

ooh ooh ooh – video announcement!

CCP building full social network for EVE players; community has created iPhone app that hooks in to the game

EVE now almost full democracy – Council of Stellar Management representatives are player-chosen in an election

One CEO of an in-game corp spent 40 hours per week doing the job – even after delegating responsibilites like marketing. Had to quit!

‘There was a learning cliff – not a curve – to EVE. so we integrated a new player ‘theme park’ to help them graduate to the sandbox"

Awesome, awesome trailer – ‘The Butterfly Effect’ – describes how each single player changes the future of the universe.

"We give drama to the players, we don’t intervene."

Russians were fighting war with neighbouring Scandinavians – turned out America was funding the Scandinavian efforts!

"When you can’t speak, you have no choice but to resort to violence. At least in EVE online, anyway"

Behaviour emerges from the community in a sandbox MMO. people formed armies based on real-world countries and took over EVE sectors

Sandbox: The rides are there but you operate yourself; operating company more hands-off

Theme park: More guided, more controlled, great fun, suited for storytelling

There are two types of MMO: ‘Themepark’ (WoW) and ‘Sandbox’ (EVE, UO)

This year, EVE passed 300,000 sub level – more than the population of its home country of Iceland!

Studio operated for three months in 2001 without paying its 22 staff when ran out of money – but they all came back every morning

CCP originally made a board game, the Danger Game – sold 10,000 copies, but only 80,000 homes in Iceland, so 1 in 8 households owns…

"We set ourselves impossible goals, and kill ourselves to achieve them"

CCP is apparently going to announce a new product… intriguing!

The lights are down. CCP’s keynote, ‘Winning the War’, is about to begin…

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