Blitz Games Studios highlight the vital work performed by the new breed of coders

Celebrating the audio programmer

As part of our two-week focus on the role of audio in games, today’s feature sees Blitz Games Studios’ Matt Black espouse the role of audio programmers.

"This is one area in particular where certain kinds of people can make a bit of a niche for themselves," says Black.

"Even someone who may not have any experience in games programming but has a deep mathematical basis in signal processing and code optimisation would be ideal for producing high-quality custom audio effects."

The growth in audio middleware hasn’t reduced the need for coders dedicated to the audio side of things: "While some people might argue that the growth of middleware solutions is a consequence of the lack of audio programmers, it’s more accurate to say that both can make a great contribution," he adds.

"Talented people with skills and interests in both programming and audio can work with middleware to empower the designers, and also write their own custom solutions to problems thrown up by any specific project."

To read more, check out the feature here.

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