Crimson Alliance dev working on updated Halo mapmaker

Certain Affinity behind Halo 4’s Forge mapmaker

Halo 4’s mapmaking mode, Forge, is being developed by Austin studio Certain Affinity.

The updated creation mode was demonstrated at a panel during the Rooster Teeth Expo. New user functionality and effects were shown off, as reported by Polygon.

The user interface was incomplete, but included new functions, such as locking objects in place to make it easier to build more complex arrangements and making it easier to manipulate singular objects in a larger pile.

Halo 4’s Forge mode also has a new lighting system which enables objects placed in the map to cast shadows and have shadows cast on them.

Users can set ‘Player Trait Zones’, which alter parameters, like run speed, jump height, damage reduction, and so on, as they enter a specific area on the map.

A new item, the Grav Volume, was also revealed, which augments or reverses the orientation of gravity for players who steps into it.

Certain Affinity has worked on several Halo projects, including map packs and content for Halo Waypoint.

Forge mode was first introduced in Halo 3 and has appeared in subsequent releases.

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