Broadcaster sees online addition as 'episode zero'

Channel 4 commissions game for sitcom Full English

Channel 4 has commissioned a web game for its upcoming animated comedy, Full English.

The game is a collaboration between digital creative agency Fish in a Bottle and animation house Two Brothers Pictures, and will be rolled out episodically in four chapters.

Full English is a satirical look at British popular culture; its monarchy, its economy and country today.

“Full English is a bold addition to Channel 4’s comedy schedule, so we wanted to do something equally ambitious online. The result is a beautiful adventure game, packed with gags and celeb cameos and supported by the show’s superb voice talent,” said Jody Smith, Channel4’s multiplatform commissioning editor for comedy and entertainment.

“The game’s so big, we’re thinking of it as an ‘episode zero’. It’s been a perfect collaboration between the two studios – the likes of which is rarely seen.”

The Full English game features original artwork, cut-scenes, characters and script produced in-house by Fish in a Bottle. Building on their previous experience Fish in a Bottle have previously worked on game commission for Channel, such as 303 Squadron, as well as working with other clients, including the BBC and Turner on other television-to-games adaptations.

Robert Sloan, senior producer at Fish in a Bottle, added: “It’s been an absolute privilege to have been entrusted with this brand new show from Channel 4 and to be able to write a bespoke story for the game.

“The unique close collaborative relationship between Fish in a Bottle and Two Brothers Pictures has meant that we have been able to create a comedic game which matches the style and tone of the show, something which is crucial given that the game launches before the show and so will be the audience’s first introduction to the world of Full English.”

The first two chapters of the game will go live on Channel 4’s official programme website ahead of the show’s release.

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