Media firm to consider all platforms and budgets ranging from £50,000 to £500,000

Channel 4 outlines games commissioning strategy

Channel 4 has called for fun, data driven and accessible games in its new strategy for commissioning titles.

Speaking at an industry briefing yesterday, the media company’s games commissioner Colin Macdonald said he was looking for opportunities to develop new talent and to entertain its target audience.

He added that Channel 4 would consider all gaming platforms, and any decision will be based on developers capable of reaching a sizeable UK userbase with budgets ranging anywhere from £50,000 to £500,000.

Some of the proposed content must also feed into existing Channel 4 IP.

“Games are great ways to engage young audiences,” said Macdonald

“Over 85 per cent of Channel 4’s target audience play games so this is a very natural space for us to explore. And as with other commissioning departments, I am looking for opportunities to develop new talent and to entertain.

“The UK has a rich history of creative and technical excellence in gaming, but some of those games haven’t always reached as wide an audience as they deserved, and that’s where Channel 4 is aiming to make a real difference.”

Macdonald also said that the accessibility of indie games had unearthed “some of the best new experiences” in gaming, and wanted Channel 4 to play a “leading role” in promoting the UK industry.

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