Former Realtime Worlds studio manager welcomes UK Budget announcement

Channel 4: Tax breaks mean more studios to give commissions

The games commissioner for broadcaster Channel 4 has said that the UK tax breaks announced today will allow the organisation to offer more work to UK studios.

"This is great news for the country’s games industry, and in terms of Channel 4, it will help keep, and create more talented UK development studios for us to give commissions to," Channel 4’s commissioning editor for games Colin MacDonald told Develop.

MacDonald previously served as studio manager at All Points Bulletin studio Realtime Worlds, which famously closed last year after the game’s high profile release.

Despite its core role as a UK broadcaster, Channel 4 has in recent years commissioned numerous games from UK indie studios, with a view to release content that helps the organisation meet with its requirement to offer a certain volume of educational content.

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