US firm founds new online games publisher working under 'Social Network Games at Play' banner

Cheyenne Mountain turns to self-publishing for Stargate MMO

MMO studio Cheyenne Mountain has decided to put its money where its mouth is and self-publish its upcoming MMO Stargate Worlds.

The American outfit has founded new firm FireSky to distibute games for ‘Social Networks At Play’ which it describes as ‘a unified theory of online gaming that combines social interaction, economies and game play’. That includes the UE3-powered Stargate title (based on the MGM TV and film franchise) and a number of new titles as well. FireSky has four studios working on a variety of interactive titles.

"We don’t intend to be another garden-variety games publisher,” said FireSky CEO Tim Jenson.

"We are focused on publishing high quality social gaming experiences online. As the industry moves online, more and more people will be turning to games as a way to spend time with friends. With a few notable exceptions, game developers and publishers haven’t done a great job of marrying quality games with social experiences. Project: Ascension and SNAP games will change that dynamic forever."

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