Shanghai's free trade zone will open up games market to international companies

China lifting ban on console sales

China is set to lift its 13-year long ban on console sales in the country.

As reported by The Verge, the Chinese government has announced it will open up the games market to international companies.

This means likes of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will be able to sell their hardware across the country, as long as they conduct production and sales in the free trade zone to be set up around the eastern suburbs of Shanghai.

Console sales in the country have been banned since 2000, a move which the Chinese government said was to protect children’s mental and physical wellbeing.

News first emerged earlier this year the Chinese government was considering lifting the 13-year old ban, and was allegedly conducting surveys and holding discussions on opening up the console market.

If the Chinese market does indeed lift its ban, it could prove a great opportunity for Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and other hardware manufacturers, as well as game developers, with China home to more than a billion people.

It is not clear yet though when console sales will begin.

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