Gears of War designer and Boss Key founder raises nearly $10,000 for St. Baldrick’s

Cliffy B goes (nearly) bald to raise money for cancer research foundation

Cliff Bleszinski, the designer of Gears of War and founder of LawBreakers studio Boss Key, has once again braved the clippers to fundraise towards cancer research.

Bleszinski has had his head shaved multiple times for St. Baldrick’s Foundation, the US children’s cancer research organisation, which is known for generating awareness and funding through clean noggins.

“I couldn’t [do this] last year due to work obligations, but we’re in town for this and it’s time again,” Bleszinski’s fundraising page reads.

“Now that Boss Key is at 50 or so folks, I’m roping as many employees in as I can to jump into this, encourage friends to donate, and do whatever we can to eradicate this horrid thing.

“Cancer is horrible and evil, and the thought of it getting near anyone, especially kids, breaks my heart.”

At the time of writing, Bleszinski has raised just shy of $10,000 – two-thirds of his $15,000 goal.

Bleszinki’s head was shaved as part of the Glenwood South St. Baldrick’s Foundation fundraiser in Raleigh, which ultimately raised over $200,000 in total.

Following his close shave, Bleszinski compared his new look to Deadpool comic book character Negasonic Teenage Warhead. “But less BAMF [bad-ass motherfucker’].”

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