Gears of War designerâ??s recommendations for young hopefuls

CliffyB on getting into the games industry

Gears of War’s lead designer, Cliff Bleszinski, has been discussing how to get into the games industry in an exclusive interview with

His main piece of advice was to find your niche and specialise: “First and foremost, pick something and stick with it – if you’re artistic or more tech or design-orientated.

“Don’t try and be jack-of-all-trades and master of none. If you’re good at drawing characters, learn how to model in 3D – if you’re more math orientated, be a programmer. Just pick something.”

Bleszinski’s other piece of advice was to work on a mod team, a tried and tested method of getting your feet in the door in the gaming industry.

“Often, the best way to get into the business is to get modding. There’s plenty of Unreal Engine licensees out there who are looking for people who are skilled with the engine.”

The full interview, in which we talk about the process of porting Gears of War to the PC and Epic’s experiences with the recently-acquired Polish developer People May Fly, can be found here.

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