Shattered Memories studio wants to discuss new projects with IP holder Konami

Climax eyes future Silent Hill projects

UK indie outfit Climax wants to pursue future Silent Hill titles, the studio has said.

The Portsmouth-based developer recently won critical acclaim for its work on Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, the new Wii instalment of Keiichiro Toyama’s renowned survival horror IP.

"We’ve always loved working on the series," said Climax’s Sam Barlow, lead designer on the project.

“Since Origins we’ve spent a lot of time with the series. For us we felt we’ve put our stamp on the series with Shattered Memories so we’d love the opportunity to do another one,” he added.

Speaking to UK publication Official Nintendo Magazine, game director Mark Simmons said: “I think this is the first Silent Hill since one or two where people are saying it has its own identity and people are responding to it really well so it would be great to take that further.”

Climax CEO Simon Gardner recently told Develop that Wii titles for core audiences remain commercially unproven, and therefore increasingly difficult to develop for.

“We feel we now understand the hardware and the interface very well,” he said.

“But the flip-side to that is that non-Nintendo publishers feel they haven’t done that well on it commercially.

“That’s the biggest issue. From that perspective the Wii is a really difficult device to develop for, because as a hardcore games machine, Wii games are always going to be held up against whatever’s just come out on the Xbox 360 or PS3.”

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