Think again if you think Apple's iPhone could be adopted en masse by mobile games developers - the company has confirmed that the platform will be, like the iPod, a closed platform.

“Closed platform” approach to iPhone development

Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone at the annual MacWorld expo in San Francisco earlier this week, although there was no mention of games capability, that it will include colour iPod functionality has led many to assume the device will play the nine games currently available to buy via iTunes.

And publishers have already praised the device, revealing their desire to make games for the machine to Develop’s sister publication MCV.

However, according reports on both and US tech blog Engadget the device will only run software by selected Apple partners only – as was the case when Apple introduced new iPods in September last year at the same time it added further games functionality to the device and made games made by the likes of EA available on iTunes.

At the time, Apple spokespeople told Develop that although the company is willing to keep an ear to the ground and speak to those interested in developing games for its format, officially the device is a closed platform – a policy seemingly unchanged for the iPhone.

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