Coding teaches kids 'some really valuable lessons'

Code Club brings programming to the classroom

With technology crowned the new king of the jobs market, it’s surprising how little is done in schools to give children the tools for success.

Enter Code Club, an organization that seeks to secure the technological future of the U.K. by teaching its primary school students the art and science of computer programming.

"There are some really valuable lessons to be learnt from programming," project organiser Clare Sutcliffe told Rock Paper Shotgun.

"Children learn how to solve problems and how to break complex projects into smaller more manageable tasks. It’s also about teaching children that they have the power to change the environment around them by designing the programmes they use for themselves."

Code Club is eager for volunteers to help bring the programme to more schools.

But why hasn’t the government been more proactive in providing their own curriculum for this vital subject?

"Technology moves very quickly so it’s very difficult for governments to keep their curriculum up to date," explained Sutcliffe.

"Even so, the UK government has been particularly slow in responding to the pace of change. Apparently there is a new curriculum being planned that includes programming but this isn’t due for a year or so."

Those interested in helping the Code Club bring valuable technological skills to a new generation should visit the organisation website.

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