Unique dev tool raises another $50k in four days; 66 hours left to raise remaining $32k

Code Hero Kickstarter going to the wire

[Update: Last-gasp triumph for Code Hero Kickstarter]

A Kickstarter campaign for an innovative game development tool has burst into life with about $50,000 made in just four days – but another $32,000 must come in less than 66 hours for targets to be met.

Code Hero is a fully interactive game that uses the Unity engine to teach people to build their own creations. The first levels in the game will teach users the basics, while the final ‘level’ in the game is to publish your own work.

Last Thursday, the tool’s Kickstarter program was dwindling at $19,000 with seven days left to reach $100,000.

If the target is missed, all funding will be returned to its backers.

Yet press coverage and promotion by industry execs, such as Unity CEO David Helgason, sparked the project into life.

Developed by Alex Peake, Code Hero is currently in beta. Kickstarter funds will be used to finalise the project.

You can find out more here.

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