Codies issues Natal dev warning

With Natal’s software launch line-up still shrouded in mystery, the VP of Codemasters Studios Gavin Cheshire has warned developers that simply integrating motion control into existing projects is not sufficient – and could even lead to the commercial failure of the device.

I’m sure there’ll be games attuned to Natal and that’ll be great, but what you can’t do is back-engineer it into something you’re currently doing,” he told Edge. And that’s where it’ll fail.

There are a lot of companies saying they’ve got Natal stuff coming, but it’ll be bolted on to something they already had in development, probably.”

Cheshire added that Codemasters doesn’t currently have any Natal projects in the pipeline, though he didn’t rule out a future move into the motion sector.

We’re never going to say no, but to be fair to us we’re focused on other priorities right now,” he explained.

We’re not big enough to just try out a few things on Natal. We’re certainly looking, and we’ve got some great ideas, but it’s how you implement them.”

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