B-rep, kinematics and external shader system support feature in latest version

COLLADA 1.5 spec released

The Khronos Group has released the specification for the COLLADA 1.5 file format, which is freely available from its website.

The new version adds support for B-reps (boundary representations) and kinematics, both targeted towards the CAD, automation and game industries. It also provides a new OpenGL ES 2.0 effects profile, expanded support for external shader effects systems, and a new file format – .zae, or Zipped Asset Exchange.

The Group has also released the 2nd Edition of its COLLADA 1.4.1 spec, which includes corrections, clarifications and enhanced explanations for transparency, animation, lighting, splines and skinning.

“COLLADA 1.5 is a very significant release as it contains new functionality that enables completely new industries to use COLLADA – as well as expanding the use of this widely used standard in its traditional content-creation markets,” said Neil Trevett, president of Khronos.

“The industry momentum of COLLADA has now reached a critical tipping point – it has become a genuine lingua franca for 3D designers everywhere.”

Marc Stevens, general manager of Softimage, and vice president of AVID Technology, added: “We see COLLADA as a key strategic component of our future. COLLADA is the only true open format that facilitates 3D data interchange. The latest release adds many features, including a referenced texture archive and support for real-time shaders—exemplifying how COLLADA is leading the way in open workflows. Softimage recently implemented a rich content pipeline to the Crytek, CryENGINE 2, based completely on a COLLADA interchange; we’re fully committed to supporting the advancement of the COLLADA standard, which delivers the most productive work-flows for our SOFTIMAGE|XSI customers.”

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