Holocaust survivor and tech mastermind leaves legacy of product ingenuity

Commodore 64 pioneer Jack Tramiel dies ages 83

Jack Tramiel, the entrepreneur whose start-up company went on to produce the Commodore 64, passed away on Sunday, his family has confirmed.

He passed away surrounded by his family, aged 83.

Having escaped Auschwitz in 1945, the technology mastermind had emigrated to America and went on to build various electrical office equipment. In 1982 his career transformed with the release of the Commodore 64 – one of the best-selling personal computers ever and a successful games system.

Standout games for the system included Paradroid, Uridium and Stunt Car Racer.

Following the videogame crash in the early eighties, Tramiel was forced out of Commodore International and bought a stake in Atari with the aim to revive its consumer division.

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