The art paints a dark sci-fi world

Concept art of cancelled Sony Santa Monica game emerges

Images have surfaced on the web of Sony Santa Monica’s cancelled 2014 game. The studio suffered layoffs after the project was cancelled, but no information about it surfaced, beyond rumours that it was science fiction themed.

A gallery that’s appeared today on Imgur purports to be from that cancelled project and offers a bit more information on which Sony Santa Monica were working on. The pictures belonged to the leader of the concept art team, who was working on the project for three years and claim to be from his site, however they’ve now been pulled and only remain in this Imgur gallery. 

These images shed more light on the project we’ll never see, of gadget-laden humans exploring some sort of alien world filled with fantastical beasts. You see high tech weaponry — including a knee-shotgun — and the hint of a name, Darkside.

Sony Santa Monica are now hard at work on a new title in the God of War universe, so we’re unlikely to see anything from the project reused for a while at least, which is a shame, because there’s definitely the making of a distinctive world here, although it appears that wasn’t enough to save it from untimely cancellation.

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