Version 5.0 of the production management tool with QA functions successfully rolled out

Creative Assembly Australia chooses Hansoft

Hansoft has released the fifth version of its project management software, at the same time announcing The Creative Assembly Australia as a new licensee.

The Sega-owned studio is working on Medieval Total War II: Kingdoms.

“Hansoft transformed our diligent game development team from a group that worked a lot of overtime to make a deadline, to a professional outfit that finished world class software ahead of schedule,” says Ashley Parker, senior producer, The Creative Assembly International.

“We are very passionate about production management practices and there is big money in shipping better games faster. Working with The Creative Assembly Australia has been very exiting since they are truly leading the way, bringing project management and collaboration to new levels. By using Hansoft they will benefit from a new breed of tools that are not only blistering fast and intuitive, but also features truly innovative and unique functionality,” says Patric Palm, managing director, Hansoft.

V5.0 of Hansoft is designed to integrate the bug-tracking tool much closer with the QA process.

“Since moving over to Hansoft, instead of working overtime to meet deadline, now we are heading home on time, and spending our days adding extra polish to projects ahead of schedule. For game developers like ourselves, the new QA functionality will let our staff track both scheduled work and bug fixing in one application, which will help tighten our time management even further,” added Parker.

“With Hansoft 5.0 every team member will have tasks and bugs in one place and using the free QA-accounts for testers will help you save licensing costs,” said Palm.

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