OPINION: Capcom's Okami credits omission shows developer respect still low

Credit where it’s due

Ever quibbled about your job title when it comes to the crediting section of your game?

You wouldn’t be alone: it’s an issue that many complain of. But the real disservice is when jobs are left totally uncredited – such as recently-revealed case of Capcom, whose Wii port of Okami fails to credit the original Japanese team, Clover, at all.

We’ve posted up an opinion piece about the issue, and in particular Capcom’s reasoning behind the omission, in which it claimed that Clover had not been ‘directly’ involved in the port.

But is that a fair comment? Can the work of a company be divorced from its workers? And does working on the ‘original version’ of a late port really not warrant any sort of crediting?

For more on the issue, check out our opinion piece – and let us know your comments.

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