Poppermost to release beta edition of new project this year

CryEngine to power new snowboarding title

Swedish independent studio Poppermost is building its new snowboarding game with CryEngine 3, the studio has announced.

An early edition of the skiing and snowboarding game, entitled Snow, will launch at some point this year, Poppermost said. Feedback from the initial launch will help the team iterate for its final edition.

“Instead of waiting until it’s done to let you try it, we decided to release our earliest playable version for free so that you can all be a part of our development process,” read a blog from the studio’s website.

It is not known if Poppermost has paid for a full CryEngine 3 licence, or if it is one of the first developers to take advantage of the free CryEngine SDK.

“As a group of lifetime skiers and snowboarders, we are constantly on the lookout for new ski and snowboard titles,” read the group’s blog post.

“From 1080° Snowboarding to more recent games like Shaun White: Snowboarding, Stoked and SSX, we have always enjoyed riding down virtual slopes. We never felt, however, that these games were true enough to the sport. They offered at best somewhat realistic experiences and usually completely ignored skiing. This troubled us. So, we went about to fix it.”

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