Though the developer still wants to make â??AAA core action-adventure games'

Crytek â??interested in working withâ?? Natal

Crysis developer Crytek has pledged its interest in working on the Xbox 360’s motion technology, Project Natal.

Speaking to Develop in an interview published today, Crytek UK’s Karl Hilton clarified that the developer is not currently working on any Natal-powered games, yet the tech is “certainly something that we’ve all been interested in working with.”

Microsoft unveiled Project Natal for the first time at E3 this year. The tech is expected to be the Microsoft’s biggest effort to capture the provably lucrative mass-market audience that Nintendo sells millions of Wiis to. 

“The Wii has tapped into what is now a growing casual market,” said Hilton. “Those types of games are not something we’re going to be fixated on right now, because Crytek UK still has a desire to make AAA core action-adventure games, but we always are interested in new control inputs.”

“I think people would appreciate the type of games Crytek is known for if there was more than button-pressing to them,” he added.

Hilton said that all developers “have to be aware of how users interact with their games.”

“Just making games higher and higher resolution is never going to be the future, there needs to be other routes too.“

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