CEO Cevat Yerli tells Develop that Crytek is providing its UK arm with purpose and potential

Crytek giving Free Radical â??dream projectsâ??

Crytek founder and CEO Cevat Yerli has told Develop that its newly acquired UK studio – formally Free Radical – is being given projects that the team has “always dreamed to do”.

Free Radical fell into administration early in December last year, jeopardising over 180 jobs at the company, before the Frankfurt-based outfit Crytek acquired the studio, saved over 40 jobs, and rebrand the business Crytek UK.

Responding to questions on whether or not foreign ownership of the famous UK studio is ultimately a positive move for the nation’s development sector, Yerli explained: “If someone has that concern, they should ask the people that are actually there. We have provided the team at Crytek UK a structure and a future that clearly shows improvement.”

“We are working with Free Radical on things that they always dreamed to do" Yerli said. "We are providing the team a roadmap and the chance to grow, which is why we were picked as a partner, and not anyone else.”

Yerli did not confirm what these projects were.

Before Free Radical was purchased by Crytek, insiders had leaked footage and art from both the TimeSplitters 4 and the abandoned Star Wars Battlefront 3 projects. At the time, sources close to Edge Online explained that two projects – the ones that “generated the most interest from publishers”, one of which was most likely not Battlefront 3 – were still being worked on, though today the fate of these are unknown.

Develop’s interview with Cevat Yerli – where he covers the issues of Piracy, the new CryEngine and next-gen systems – can be found here.

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