CryEngine company becomes the latest to embrace mobile games development

Crytek hiring for iPhone and iPad projects

Independent tech and games firm Crytek is has a job opening for “designing and developing complex, integrated iPhone and iPad applications” – signalling the studio’s intention to join the mobile games business.

The company, which has studios across Europe and Asia, has hitherto dedicated its resources to games for PC and consoles. Now, however, the studio looks likely to be a new entrant in the smartphone games race.

A Develop Jobs posting revealed that Crytek is looking for someone who can manage development “of one or more iPhone and iPad applications, from specification through design, coding, debugging, and deployment.”

The company wants to hire is a developer who’s had experience building their own iPhone and iPad games, adding that experience on Android platforms is desirable.

The vacancy is part of Crytek’s latest transcontinental hiring spree, with forty positions open across studios in the UK, Germany, Hungary, South Korea and Ukraine.

Last year Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli told Develop that “the social and mobile spaces are certainly something we’ve been looking at for a while now”, though he had qualms with the App Store price model.

“I think the App Store changes the perception of game prices, which I really don’t like,” he said.

“It’s pushing out games at such a low price that it distorts the perception of what a game should be priced at.

“iPad and iPhone are both doing a real disservice to game prices by allowing games at such low price points – it is an issue the industry has to address at some point.”

Crytek joins a growing number of tech-focused game studios allocating resources on mobile platforms.

Rival studio Epic Games has taken the market by storm with its debut iOS title, Infinity Blade, as have John Carmack’s id Software team with their Rage HD app.

Those two, and Crytek, all have a reputation for building bleeding-edge game engine technologies.

The mobile games space represents a new frontier for the studios in that regard; graphical standards in mobile games are soaring, and firms have a big opportunity to wow customers again.

“A lot of gaming is going mobile and I believe that console-style gaming is going there as well,” Epic Games vice president Mark Rein said in a recent interview with Develop.

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