Crytek won’t develop for Vita and Wii U

Crysis developer Crytek won’t be making games for the Playstation Vita or Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U anytime soon.

CEO Cevat Yerli, speaking to German magazine Golem, said that while the company finds the Vita to be a technically proficient system, he felt that it came to the market slightly too late” and that he didn’t feel it would pick up much momentum.

The PlayStation Vita is currently too uncertain to us as a platform. Technically, I find the Vita very appealing; you have fun with it, no question,” Yerli said.

Yerli didn’t seem too confident about the Wii U either, saying, There will be games which run with the CryEngine, but that [will] come from licensees”.

Crytek is currently working on four games – free-to-play FPS Warface, first-person Kinect hack-n-slash Ryse, THQ’s war shooter Homefront 2, and the latest in its flagship franchise – Crysis 3.

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