Crytek’s Robinson: The Journey hits Oculus Rift next month

One of VR’s poster boys will final be released in the next few weeks.

Robinson: The Journey, from troubled developer Crytek, has been given a January release date by the company. It will launch exclusively on the Oculus Rift.

Leveraging the immersive power of VR, Robinson: The Journey invites players to step into the shoes of Robin – a boy left stranded on an extrasolar planet in the aftermath of a doomed space voyage,” the blurb explained.

Accompanied by AI unit HIGS and baby T-Rex Laika, Robin must use his wits to survive in a world full of adventure, secrets, and breathtaking dinosaurs. Rift players will feel truly present in another reality as they search for fellow survivors and unravel the mystery at the heart of Robin’s journey.”

It was confirmed earlier this week that rumours of financial strike at Crytek are correct. The studio will continue working on its "premium IPs", Crytek said in a statement today, but only its Frankfurt and Kiev studios will remain in general operation. All other studios will cease to be a part of Crytek, but the company’s management team has already begun a process of securing jobs to help the transition go as smoothly as possible.

CryEngine will remain a key part of the studio’s overall strategy, and indie developers and enterprise licensees will carry on receiving regular engine updates.

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