'Everything is now in place to open up entire games to great facial animation'

Cubic Motion animations get new compression tech

Facial animation specialists Cubic Motion has launched what it calls an “ultra-high compression technology” designed to streamline large volumes of high-end animation without loss of integrity.

The new tech promises to maintain the integrity and timing of complex facial animations, possibly allowing developers to store hours of facial animation on any platform, including mobiles.

The new system is said to have been formed from “advanced breakthroughs in statistical modelling”, Cubic Motion said, though the company offered few details.
Each system is custom-built for a developer’s own rigs and their choice of game engine, in a process that takes a few weeks.

Studios that buy more than two hours of facial animation tech will be offered the compression tech free of charge.
"Our mission is to make sure all games can have great characters and animation throughout the game,” said Steve Caulkin, who led research into the compression tech.

“We think that everything – price, speed, storage – is now in place to open up entire games, on all platforms, to great facial animation. It’s time to see the end of mouth-flapping and for gamers and developers to expect and demand compelling characters throughout every product."

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