Yui Tanimura promises greater focus for Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls PC ‘half-assed’, admits director

Dark Souls director Yui Tanimura has called the PC version of the game "half-assed", but has promised to make it a bigger priority for Dark Souls 2.

A fan petition convinced publisher Namco Bandai and developer From Software, but the project soon ran into trouble when the studio was forced to admit it was having trouble making the switch to PC development.

In the end the port required fan-made mods to run at PC standards.

"A lot of it was not very well done, sort of half-assed," Tanimura told Shack News.

"Yes, we will definitely put more priority on the PC. Last time, we started working on PC after the console version was complete," he promised.

"This time, because we are considering the PC from the beginning, you can be sure there will be more care put into PC development.

With the next generation of consoles reportedly running on x86 architecture, this problem might soon be a thing of the past, but PC gamers will always require a greater degree of customization.

Dark Souls 2 is releasing simultaneously to console and PC.

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