PS4, Xbox One and PC title will be a “step in a new direction”, according to president Hidetaka Miyazaki

Dark Souls studio From Software is working on a new IP for PlayStation VR

From Software, the developer of the acclaimed Dark Souls series, has begun work on something completely fresh.

The ‘Souls’ franchise – which is often used to include spiritual successor Bloodborne – began in 2009 with Demon’s Souls on the PS3, followed by the multi-platform Dark Souls trilogy, multiple re-releases and DLC add-ons, and the aforementioned PS4 exclusive.

From president and director of the Souls games Hidetaka Miyazaki has decided that it’s now time for the studio to move on, telling GGN Gamers (via NeoGAF) that "rather than make another sequel, I think it’s time we take a step to a new direction”.

He confirmed more plainly: “Development of a new IP has already begun."

However, Miyazaki didn’t fully rule out the possibility of returning to the Souls series at some point in the future.

“There’s absolutely no plan right now for any sequels, spin-offs or tie-ins,” he stated.

“But I can’t say for certain the possibility is zero per cent. For example, if a From Software developer come to me five years from now and begs ‘Please let me make another Dark Souls’ then I will not rule out the possibility to let my subordinates start a new project."

While details on the upcoming release remain obviously sparse, a leaked recruitment video posted on Reddit has revealed that the untitled ‘Next Title’ project will come to both console and PC, and will feature support for PlayStation VR on PS4.

Miyazaki has previously suggested that he would like to explore the sci-fi genre, offering a potential window into the mysterious title.

The video also refuses to disclose a possible release date for the game, simply outlining its creation as being from 2017 onwards.

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