Treasury boss discusses the use of game technology outside of games

Darling meets UK indies to discuss challenges

UK Chancellor Alistair Darling has met with Devon-based studio Remode to discuss the challenges facing British indie developers.

Darling, whose campaign trail took him to Dundee studio Realtime Worlds, held discussions with Remode MD Ella Romanos. The pair explored issues surrounding funding, costs, marketing, distribution and risk in the UK.

“Indies have an important role to play in the industry, particularly with regards to innovation, creating new IP, growth potential, creating highly skilled, knowledge based jobs and their potential to inspire kids and students to stay in education and study core subjects such as maths and science“ said Romanos.

“There are some great examples of public and private sector support of indies, for example Channel 4 and Blitz Game Studios who are benefiting by commissioning from and working with indies, but there is potential for a lot more.”

Darling was said to have discussed the potential uses of game technology outside of the entertainment market, and recognised the issue that there are no major PC distribution portals based in the UK. He pledge to aid both issues.

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