David Jaffe closes The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency

David Jaffe’s studio, The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, has shutdown. The studio reported a month ago that it had let go the majority of its staff after a title was cancelled and now the studio will shut it doors entirely.

In an email to Gamesbeat Jaffe confirmed the closure: “Yeah, it’s all true I’m afraid. Just the nature of the beast. We had a cool game going with a publisher and as that game is no longer happening – and since all of our funding came from publishers – we just couldn’t keep the place going."

It was a fantastic ride, however. I so loved our team and loved working with that crew and remain crazy proud of what we created with Drawn to Death. Excited to see where we all land after what has been one of the very best working experiences of my career thus far," he continued.

Drawn to Death was the studio’s only released game, a multiplayer arena brawler that was set "inside the pages of a teenager’s notebook." It wasn’t terribly well-received by critics however, some of whose thoughts weren’t well received by Jaffe himself. Jaffe’s previous work included God of War and Twisted Metal.

It remains unknown what the cancelled project was or who the publisher was. But Jaffe has been offering to give away props related the company’s work to date, so some clues may yet be gleaned from those.

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