New Derby-based studio formed by teams behind Pneuma: Breath of Life

Deco Digital and Bevel Studios merge to form Bulkhead Interactive

Bulkhead Interactive, a brand new UK developer, has been founded through the merger of two studios.

Deco Digital and Bevel Studios previously worked together on Pneuma: Breath of Life, a first-person adventure that was the first title to use Unreal Engine 4 on consoles. 

Now the two teams have been combined to form the new Derby-based Bulkhead and is currently working on new projects for PS4, Xbox One and Steam, once again using UE4.

The Bulkhead team has moved into new offices in the city centre and is planning to hire new members. Established staff include lead designer David Jones, lead programmer Kevin Chandler, creative lead Howard Philpott, and producer Joe Brammer.

“We’ve reached an interesting point in the industry, more and more games are starting to slip on release quality, we’re focused on creating polished complete games for players,” said Brammer. 

“We have two titles coming in 2016 and I’m very excited to be announcing our huge new IP in February, I don’t think anyone will expect what we have in store for them.” 

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