Remedy announces its partnership with Imagination Studios to enhance the titleâ??s animation proprties

Delayed Alan Wake given new life with mo-cap tech

New signs of life from the Alan Wake project has emerged with developer Remedy announcing its partnership with motion-capture group Imagination Studios.

Imagination Studios (formerly known as Northern Light Studios) has supplied the Finnish developer with "motion-capture and animations" to assist in the game’s elongated production.

Lasse Seppänen, Executive Producer at Remedy Entertainment said that “it is with great pleasure that we can recommend Imagination Studios. Remedy has been extremely pleased with their co-operation and devotion in bringing the characters of Alan Wake to life.”

Seppänen said Imagination Studios were a reliable company with terrific production quality.

The fate of Alan Wake has been thrown into doubt several times ever since the game began development back in 2005. Those interested in the new IP have been subjected to unnerving spells of silence from the development team, sparking sporadic rumours that the game will not make it to shop shelves.

As Rockstar recently announced that the upcoming third edition of Max Payne will not be the responsibility of Remedy – the studio responsible for the first two titles – there were (perhaps encouraging) signs that the Espoo-based team are working at full capacity.

This new announcement will no doubt act as another reminder that Alan Wake is still going strong.

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