Sharkey and Long’s skills are ‘unique and relevant for video game writing’ agency says

Derren Brown’s writing duo sign to Sidelines

Derren Brown’s co-writers Iain Sharkey and Stephen Long have signed to Sidelines, the agency for professional creative writers in the interactive industry.

With the help of Sharkey and Long, the popular illusionist and entertainer has become known in UK for his television stunts, which include the BAFTA award-winning Derren Brown: The Experiments and Apocalypse, as well as theatre production Svengali.

“Stephen Long and Iain Sharkey have a proven hands-on creative track record, working from the inception phase, through the production process and editing of large-scale television shows,” said Sidelines in a statement about the duo’s signing.

Long and Sharkey specialise in narrative structure, high-concept ideas, character development and script writing in a range of genres.

Sidelines added: “Their experience with creating scenes and situations ‘on the fly’, based upon participants’ reactions during large hidden-camera setups, is unique and relevant for video game writing. Their background working on various television and theatre productions also makes them great team players and shows they know how to work within time constraints and budgets.”

Sidelines is a division of game audio specialist Side UK. Opened in 2008, the division’s roster of writers have produced material for LittleBigPlanet, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Blue Toad Murder Files, Driver: San Francisco, CSR Racing and Zombie U.

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