Studios â??left in the darkâ?? on sales data cannot plan accordingly, says Doublesix

Dev slams â??lack of transparencyâ?? in digital sales

UK-based indie dev Doublesix has launched criticisms against the widespread secrecy surrounding digital sales data, claiming that the the “lack of transparency” is ultimately hurting the industry.

Doublesix studio head James Brooksby said that he wants platform owners to make digital sales data public, saying that concealment of such information “is hindering the development of [digital] channels.”

Brooksby went on to reveal why developers should be privy to digital sales data:

“As a developer trying to decide which platforms to develop for, as well as what type of games to make, we’re currently in the dark regarding real sales performance for digital platforms and that makes it increasingly difficult to make realistic plans.

“I’d like to see some kind of verified sales charts on all digital systems to encourage more developers to support these channels and to help make sensible investment decisions."

Brooksby was happy to provide sales figures for Doublesix’s only digital title; the PSN-bound Burn Zombie Burn. The game has been purchased over 70,000 times since its release back in March.

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