Industry's most bankable studios list causes a stir - but where's your studio?

Develop 100 site goes live as list causes media frenzy

This year’s Develop 100 has made a splash around the world – and provoked much debate.

Our new, more inclusive ranking criteria – now no longer based solely on UK sales data – has seen some studios rise and some fall. Blizzard now occupies the top spot, while innovative and forward-thinking developers like Facebook supremos Playfish also make their debut.

The list has been reported on far and wide, including respected media outlets like the BBC and The Guardian, sparking much discussion – including the good showing from the UK’s development studios in the face of increasing Government support elsewhere in the world.

The Develop 100, sponsored exclusively by Emergent, is an invaluable guide that throws light on the real winners in the world’s fastest-growing creative industry.

We’ve also launched a dedicated site with the full list, from 1-100, which you can find here.

The list is put together by the magazine’s editorial team, who have taken into account a variety of criteria including key sales charts made available by the likes of GfK-ChartTrack, NPD and Famitsu, success of online business models, Metacritic scores and industry standing.

If you’ve not had a look at the list yet, you can find our guide to all of the content here.

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