The June issue of Develop is packed with great features, including a focus on the creators of Moshi Monsters

Develop 117 details Mind Candy’s rise and rise

This month’s new issue of Develop is available now online, and along with a wealth of great content, includes an in depth look at Mind Candy’s hit property Moshi Monsters.

In the article, studio founder Michael Acton Smith explains what turned Moshi Monsters into a global branding phenomenon, and details how a healthy attitude to failure has helped the company emerge as one of the UK’s hottest game development outfits.

Other key articles include an in-depth look at the contemporary middleware sector, which features analysis and advice from a number of industry experts, an interview with Tetsuya Mizuguchi of Child of Eden and Rez fame, and a look at SN Systems’ work building the development environment of the PS Vita.

Additionally, we bring you tips and tricks on better Kinect programming, an analysis of the democratisation of mocap hardware, and an FAQ with SingStar creator and Inensu boss Paulina Bozek. There’s also all the latest news, tools, tech and service news, and opinion from industry leaders.

The issue is available now to download as a PDF here, or you can view it in your browser here.

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