Print and digital editions out now, also features interviews with Raspberry Pi's Eben Upton and Media Molecule's Siobhan Reddy

Develop August: Mark Cerny reveals his journey to becoming an industry legend

Develop August puts the spotlight on all the winners from this year’s Develop Awards and features the full speech from Development Legend Mark Cerny.

A packed issue, available now, also includes our scoop on Epic Games’ new UK studio and acquisition of Pitbull, they story of the Raspberry Pi from small ambitions to three million sales and counting, as well as an inside look at the creative process at one of the UK’s most talented studios, Media Molecule.

The print edition of our August issue is on its way to subscribers. Not a subscriber? No problem – you can read Develop through your browser and on iPad. The iPad or digital version of the magazine costs just £14.99 a year, or you can buy the June issue for a one-off payment of £1.99.

The latest issue features:

  • Epic’s new UK studio
  • Mark Cerny’s Development Legend speech in full
  • The Develop Awards winners
  • Raspberry Pi CEO Eben Upton on the story behind the tiny computer
  • Dovetail Games’ Rob O’Farrell discusses the growing popularity of simulation games
  • Media Molecule’s Siobhan Reddy on the creative culture that has spawned LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway
  • Marmalade and Microsoft discuss discoverability and bringing games to Windows platforms
  • Maia developer Simon Roth’s new studio
  • Ubisoft Reflection’s takes the recruiter hot seat, plus much more in our #DevelopJobs section
  • Nick Gibson analyses the new face of the UK games industry
  • Alex Ward mulls the industry’s forays into digital
  • An analysis of the latest innovations in the motion capture space by leading experts
  • How studios can bring high-end gaming to mobile
  • Inside audio tool Miles Sound System 10
  • Eight animation tools to bring your characters to life
  • Key Release: Dimensional Imaging’s DI4D head-mounted camera
  • Heard About: Game Music Connection
  • Epic discusses pushing the limits of mobile devices with its RUE4 Rivalry demo
  • How Unity plugins and features helped create Space Noir
  • Pitbull’s (Now Epic UK) Steve Robb on the changing role of C/C++
  • FAQ: Space Ape’s Toby Moore

You can read the digital edition through your browser and on iPad.

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