Brink, Dear Esther, Frozen Synapse, Monstermind, My Horse and Zombies Run! battle for the top prize


As the excitement around this year’s Develop Awards builds, we give you an insight into who’s in the running with our countdown to the ceremony.

Don’t miss out on your chance to mingle with the below games development stars – contact to book your place at the event.

First up, we’re running through nominees for New IP, which sees developers Splash Damage, Thechineseroom, Mode 7 Games, Bossa Studios, NaturalMotion Games and Six to Start and Naomi Alderman face off to win the prestigious accolade.

With titles ranging from all sides of the industry, such as the triple-A console title Brink, high-end free-to-play iOS game MyHorse to indie outing Dear Esther and fitness app Zombies, Run!, this years award is wide open.

Below we have a synopsis for each studio and new IP up for nomination, and why they are being considered to win the coveted award.


By Splash Damage

Set in a floating city called The Ark, Splash Damage’s Brink blended single-player, co-op and multiplayer gameplay to create a unique team-based shooter that was one of the most stylish new IPs released last year.

Dear Esther

By Thechineseroom

Uncompromisingly experimental, but Dear Esther secured itself a wealth of critical acclaim and a passionate cult following thanks to its atmospheric soundtrack and narrative-led play.

By discarding level ups, buttons for interaction nor the ability to run and jump, Thechineseroom created a thought provoking experience unlike anything else.

Frozen Synapse

By Mode 7 Games

Taking place in a neon-lit future, this game saw players plan a series of moves and direct a squad of armed combatants in a bid to eliminate an array of enemies. The title was a critical success, garnering praise for its stylish visuals and electronica influenced soundtrack.


By Bossa Studios

Monstermind mixes of retro villains, B-Movie sensibility and innovation: it was the first real time player vs player game to land on Facebook. Its clever stylings boasted more B-movie monsters than you can shake a 49 1⁄2 Foot Woman at, making it an essential social title.

My Horse

By NaturalMotion Games

My Horse has managed to sustain half a million daily active users since its launch in September 2011 and is one of the most successful free to play titles to trot onto iOS.

Zombies, Run!

By Six to Start & Naomi Alderman

Six to Start’s Zombies, Run! breathed life back into the fitness app by giving users a reason to run for their life. Zombies, Run got pulses racing with an innovative use of audio playback that changes based on where you run to and takes emphasis away from the screen.

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