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This content was created in association with Hi-Rez Studios as part of DEVELOP/JOBS 2021.

Hi-Rez Studios is at the forefront of cross-platform, games-as-a-service titles with SMITE, Rogue Company and Paladins – with its games having been played by 100m gamers and counting.

Hi-Rez specialises in multiplayer games that create big, inclusive communities. Its free-to-play titles have garnered a huge audience and critical acclaim.

The company has three key titles. SMITE is the number one MOBA on console. Running since 2014, SMITE sees players take the role of gods to go head-to-head across PC and all major platforms, with over 35m players to date.

Rogue Company is a cross-platform multiplayer shooter, where mercenaries take on the world’s most challenging missions.

And then there’s Paladins, a team based shooter with strong strategy elements and a card-based character customisation system, allowing players to augment their abilities to their playstyle. And 45m players worldwide do just that.

Hi-Rez prioritises building communities. It seeks to work with its players, online and in person at its own Hi-Rez Expo and other events.

Hi-Rez Studios is also committed to supporting diversity, with a wide-ranging programme from in-game representation to Pride celebrations and online training to counter unconscious bias and other issues. And its new Creativity Unchained initiative allows employees to work from where they want, both remotely and across its locations. It’s a company that’s as open and balanced as the games it creates.

Location(s): Alpharetta GA, USA; Brighton, UK; Seattle WA, USA

Team size: 450

Key projects: SMITE, Rogue Company, Paladins, Realm Royale, Unannounced

Recruitment contact: Scarlet Dangerfield, VP of Talent,


Andrea Chang, Audio Director

I’m Andrea Chang, the audio director at Hi-Rez Studios and I lead the audio team here. We’re a centralized team, providing all of the audio for each of our games and cinematics across the company. I enjoy building, mentoring, managing, and providing audio direction for our audio team’s sound design, which can span across many different styles and genres of games. This definitely helps stretch our team’s skill sets, while simultaneously keeping things dynamic and exciting!

A key part of our team is the education aspect, whether it’s having weekly lessons on Euroracks, Wwise certification lessons, sound design plugin deep dives, or regular game critiques of other games, we want to make sure our people are growing and learning. In a similar vein, we also employ R&D Fridays where pockets of our audio team prototype ideas in small groups for developing tools, features, or anything audio related that they are super passionate about. I love working at Hi-Rez because we have the freedom to explore and take measured risks, and try new things such as this.


Ashley Barrett, Producer

My name is Ashley Barrett and I’m one of the producers on Smite at Titan Forge. Specifically, I’m the art pipeline producer which means I help our studio track, schedule, and collaborate on all assets that go through the art pipeline. This involves facilitating communication and looking for areas where we can improve our efficiency. I work alongside other producers and a whole team of amazing artists that range from 2D character artists, 3D modelers, animators, FX artists to sound designers, and more. My favorite part of my job is working with creative talent. My day consists of going to a meeting about Babylonian gods to another meeting where we are debating the artistic differences of dragons and dinosaurs. We work on a steady stream of skins for our expansive list of gods. We are also trusted to handle big projects like Avatar and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IP. It’s busy, always changing and never dull.

If there is one favorite thing I had to pick about my job, it’s my team.  Our team is incredibly passionate and skilled and they are always driving me to be my best.

Now Hiring! Just some of the many roles open at Hi-Rez Studios

Senior Graphics Programmer
Remote from US/UK

• Implement graphics algorithms, techniques and processes that meet the artistic, design and technical requirements of the project.

• Use practical solutions to implement feature requests, taking into account performance, maintainability as well as resource usage.

• Ensure coding standards are followed in their own and others’ code.

Rogue Company – Senior Technical Artist
Remote from US/UK

• Engine side character setup, interfacing with programmers, working with designers, and supporting artists & animators to shape the stage for characters, features, & systems.

• Create and maintain BluePrints, Anim Sets, Character Models, and Physics Assets.

Rogue Company – Weapons Modeler
Remote from US/UK

• In-depth knowledge of weapon/hard surface modeling.

• Proficiency with industry software tools & pipelines (3ds max, Zbrush, Photoshop, Maya,Fusion 360, Modo, substance painter).

• Excellent Hard Surface modeling skills.

Rogue Company – Lead Tools Programmer
Remote from US/UK

• Mentor, level up, and grow your team.

• Learn and adopt new game technologies, practices, tools, and systems.

• Establish technical requirements for tool requests for a wide range of stakeholders across the Art, Design, & Programming teams

Announced Project – Senior Level Designer
Remote from US/UK

• Work closely with the design team and creative leaders on designing and implementing 3D levels using UE4 for an Online Multiplayer game

• Design and greybox exciting, innovative, and balanced multiplayer levels

• Continually iterate and test level designs against player move set, combat abilities, and player skill level

Find out more about careers at Hi-Rez Studios.

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