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Splash Damage has been a pillar of the UK game development scene for 20 years. The studio has worked on some of the world’s biggest IP from Wolfenstein and Batman, to Halo and Gears of War, while building its own unique worlds in games like Brink and Dirty Bomb.

Following their acquisition by Tencent, Splash is entering a new era of ownership, with the biggest slate of games in the studio’s history in development, including a number of own IP titles across multiple genres.

This year the studio was once again named as one of the UK’s 100 Best Companies to Work For, placing in London’s Top 75 Best large Companies, and earning a World-Class accreditation.

The studio is regularly celebrated for its commitment to diversity, with ongoing partnerships, events, and industry-leading initiatives.

Splash Damage recently announced a brand new sci-fi IP and are looking for people to help shape the future of the project and the studio.

Location(s): Bromley, Greater London

Team size: 400

Key projects and hiring areas: Splash are working on a number of unannounced titles and looking for leaders to shape those projects and the studio.

Recruitment Contact Alex Fong, Lead Recruiter,,


I’m Studio Creative Director here at Splash Damage, which means I support the creative leadership teams for all our projects. I’ve always been more focused on the games that we’ve developed internally over the years, so I spend a good bit of my time helping teams shift away from “Work for Hire” or “Co-Dev” practises that aren’t as relevant to us anymore.

I’m part of the studio management team, who are mostly comprised of people that I’ve been making games at Splash Damage with for more than a decade. We help support our teams to make great games, as well as tackling the inevitable blockers that occur that get in the way of that. A thing that has kept me going for more than 13 years here is that I’ve always had a new challenge to take on and peers that will support me when I do.

A thing that I value highly about Splash Damage is our ambition, but even more importantly that it’s accompanied by humility and a willingness to learn. That’s essential to embracing constructive criticism and raising the quality bar.


I’ve always loved that Splash Damage feels like a community; regardless of what you’re interested in, you’ll always find someone that loves it too and you’ll get to chat about it!

One of my favourite memories at Splash Damage was the drag bingo we did during pride this past year, so many people showed up, and we even had children around with their parents!

Our benefits around mental health have been a great addition to the studio, it’s been really good in the past couple of years to know that I could easily rely on accessing support when things could be very challenging, and the work that was done to normalise talking about mental health was really heart-warming to see.

The culture of feedback we have at the studio is also one I find great, knowing that everyone at the studio wants to improve and learn from each other. I find it important that, no matter how senior or junior you are, people will always be happy to hear and listen to what you have to say.

Now Hiring! Just some of the many roles open at Splash Damage

Development Director (London)

Development Managers are the execution pioneers here at Splash Damage, responsible for building and delivering game experiences that continually delight our fans on a daily basis.

Executive Producer (London)

We are looking for a high impact, passionate person to lead a large team of developers to deliver our next AAA title via roadmap planning, team building and organisations, client management and alignment all while balancing internal and external needs to ensure an on time, on budget, high-quality game.

Senior Designer (London)

As Splash Damage’s Senior Game Designer, you will be responsible for the game design of numerous critical features of a game, or the complete design of a companion product, driving end to end implementation across the team.

Lead Online Programmer (London)

Online Services Leads are responsible for the output of an Online Services team who design, implement and support client-side game features that interface with back end and platform level services.

Lead Lighting Artist (London)

We’re looking for a talented Lead Lighting Artist with a strong understanding of lighting and composition to build upon the work of the

other artists, while enhancing and supporting their work.

Lead Technical Designer (London)

Technical Designers are hands-on members of our teams who focus on bringing designs to life: building prototypes, identifying and solving technical pitfalls, and ensuring crisp, clean cross-discipline communication.


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