DEVELOP/JOBS: Warp Digital – “I am extremely grateful that I have been able to begin my career with Warp.”

This content was created in association with Warp Digital as part of DEVELOP/JOBS 2021.

London-based Warp Digital has existed for five years, although the core team dates back fifteen years, having split off from Curve Digital.

The studio built its reputation porting some of the most beloved indie titles around – including Return of the Obra Dinn, Close to the Sun and For the King. Warp Digital has worked  also with the likes of Devolver Digital and Team17 and many more along the way.

Things are changing over at Warp, though. The studio has been transitioning into triple-A co-development. With Warp already working with NaturalMotion and Rare – and has its fingerprints on the enormously popular Sea of Thieves.

And now it’s also partnering with Funcom to bring the world of Frank Herbert’s Dune to life. Having already worked on popular multiplayer survival title Conan Exiles with the company.

The studio believes in striving to be the best that it can be by cultivating a team-oriented working environment, a culture based on fixing problems rather than assigning blame, and open and honest communication.

Co-development provides exciting opportunities to work on big-name titles. Warp aims to create titles that live up to their clients IP and vision, and which Warp can be proud to add to its portfolio. If that sounds good to you, then many positions are currently open.

Location(s): London and remote

Team size: 20

Key projects: Dune, Metal:Hellsinger, secret porting project

Recruitment contact: Piers Duplock, Senior Producer,, Twitter: @Piers_D


I really like working for Warp. I started in October and they have been really accommodating when onboarding me from home. Starting here really has been smooth sailing and I can’t wait to visit the Surrey Quays-based office and meet the guys in person.

The projects here are quite varied at the moment so there’s lots of different types of work to get stuck in with.

The project I’m on is a really ambitious one in all the areas featuring lots of custom tech in UE4. My role involves co-developing and maintaining a gameplay system.

There’s loads to consider when developing on this project. At times it can be challenging but it never feels daunting because I’m backed up by an experienced and communicative team.

One of my favourite things about Warp is that the senior management are really approachable and care about the well being of the team and work hard to make sure our concerns are taken on board.


I started working at Warp just over two years ago as my first role within the games industry, having just recently graduated. Working within a studio seemed daunting at first, however, thanks to the support and advice from friendly and very knowledgeable colleagues I was able to quickly settle in and hit the ground running. Because of the large variations in the projects we work on, both in terms of genre and scale, I have been able to expand and develop my understanding and skill set across a large number of diverse areas of development.

For the last two years I have already worked across seven different platforms, each bringing their own requirements and challenges to projects, as well as new learning experiences. Even now, I am implementing brand new features introduced with the latest generation of consoles. With the vast and varied amount of knowledge and experience I have gained, paired with all the great people I have been able to meet and work with, I am extremely grateful that I have been able to begin my career with Warp.

Now Hiring! Just some of the many roles open at Warp Digital

Lead Programmer
London or Remote

A key leadership role for our co-development projects working with the producer to help guide and mentor the team, while also maintaining technical standards.

Graphics-Rendering Programmer
London or Remote

Join the world of Dune and work on several key areas of the game, using the latest rendering techniques to bring that large-scale, next-gen feel.

Unreal Gameplay Programmer
London or Remote

Be part of the core gameplay team, creating and implementing features that directly impact gameplay while working with designers and artists to make those features as polished as possible.

Unreal Console Programmer

Be a key player in a small team that ports and supports both small indie titles and AAA scale Unreal projects on current and next-gen console platforms.

Unity Console Programmer

Be a key player in a small team that ports and supports both small indie titles and AAA scale Unity projects on current and next-gen console platforms.

Careers at Warp Digital.

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