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Develop July 2016: Ron Gilbert, Troy Baker, David Hayter, Elias Toufexis, sound design and more

If you’re looking for ‘sound’ advice, you’ve come to the right place.

That’s because our July issue of Develop is an audio special, featuring interviews with some of the biggest actors in games, Troy Baker, David Hayter and Elias Toufexis – although you may know them better as Sam Drake, Solid Snake and Adam Jensen – a detailed look at the use of quality sound design by studios including CD Projekt Red, Coldwood and Supermassive Games, a chat with audio firms about why developers should consider outsourcing their work and a an examination of the use of licensed soundtracks in titles including Life is Strange, Quantum Break and Saints Row.

Elsewhere, we speak to legendary adventure game designer Ron Gilbert about his latest project, Thimbleweed Park, and the importance of narrative – plus, he reveals how to create the perfect puzzle for players.

Also: UKIE CEO Dr Jo Twist explains how to protect your precious IP, Rival Games’ Jukka Laakso looks at what happens when an episodic game can’t complete its season, Joost van Dreunen asks what the introduction of subscription business models to Apple’s App Store means for developers and we ask developers from across the industry to weigh in on the prospects for the superpowered Xbox Scorpio, unveiled by Microsoft at E3.

Of course, there’s also the usual scattering of in-depth technical advice and insight – from a discussion with the makers of ultra-realistic sailing simulator Naval Action about how they achieved such a staggering level of accuracy to a look back at Simogo’s feat of mobile design Device 6 and a peek under the hood of Jagex’s new NXT engine for MMO Runescape.

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Here’s an overview of this month’s issue:

What does Project Scorpio mean for developers?: We ask devs from around the industry for their thoughts on the 4K and VR-friendly successor to the Xbox One.

Develop: Brighton preview: Your guide to the must-see events and talks at this year’s conference.

Billing better games: SuperData’s Joost van Dreunen reflects on the impact of bringing the subscription model to the App Store.

Friday Night Death Slot: What happens when an episodic game runs out of steam before its conclusion? Jukka Laakso reveals his experience bringing The Detail to a premature close.

Old dog, new tricks: Master of the adventure genre Ron Gilbert talks about upcoming title Thimbleweed Park and the opportunities opened up by new technology.

Booker, Baker, Joker, Drake: Voice actor Troy Baker reveals the method behind playing some of gaming’s best-known characters, and why the chance to make art is a priceless attraction for performers.

Snake’s Tale: Metal Gear Solid actor and Hollywood screenwriter David Hayter discusses the importance of recognising performers in games and looks back on his time working on the iconic stealth-action franchise.

Human Elocution: The man behind Deus Ex hero Adam Jensen, Elias Toufexis, reveals the growing requirements of voice actors and explains why he’s interested in being more than just ‘gruff’ characters.

Working in harmony with licensed soundtracks: Remedy, Dontnod and Volition dig into the artistic benefits and legal complications of using licensed music in your game, offering examples from Quantum Break, Life is Strange and Saints Row.

Sound Thinking: CD Projekt Red, Supermassive, DICE and Coldwood pull back the curtain on their impressive sound design.

Lend Us Your Ears: Don’t have the capacity to produce amazing audio in-house? Audio firms and experts explain why outsourcing is the ideal step to take.

Voices of Reason: You’ve pinned down the right actor – now make sure you both get the most out of their performance. Audio companies and actors explain how to nail your dialogue recording.

What’s NXT for Runescape?: Developer Jagex runs through the MMO’s massive engine overhaul.

Ship Just Got Real: Naval Action is probably the most realistic sailing simulator ever released. We speak to its creators about how they recreated nautical combat with such incredible fidelity.

Protecting IP: UKIE CEO Dr Jo Twist details the steps the trade body is taking to help developers safeguard their creations.

Have you Heard About the audio design of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst? You really should.

The Develop Post-Mortem takes Simogo back to the creation of acclaimed mobile work Device 6.

Climax Studios steps into the Studio Spotlight

We look at how you can find a job at Develop: Brighton next week

Education studio Wibbu explains why it’s looking for more devs who can play to learn

We speak to Brainhold about making Rex’s Odyssey in Unity

Mad Max developer Avalanche Studios sits in the Recruiter Hotseat

Key Release:

Experts provide their Top Tips for audio design

Service Spotlight: Fireteam

Unreal looks back on its E3 showing

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